rat cage

There are various ways to acquire cheap cages for rats by avoiding the high retail prices of the supermarkets and through online stores. It is up to the individual to choose how to house his/her pet rat/s. With experience, one can build his/her rat cages and can start a business of rat cages as well. The rat central website offers suggestions and tips on caring for rats. For More Info on choosing the best home for pet rats, please go through this write-up.

Space Requirements
The rat cages must be chosen in such a way that they offer plenty of room for rats to play, exercise and have fun and for us, the cleaning process should not be cumbersome. Best living space for rats can be chosen at low prices too as the other maintenance costs have to incurred also. In the process of finding cheap cages for pet rats, their health must not be compromised at any cost. For example, if the enclosure has a wire mesh on the bottom, the feet of the rats will be affected severely causing the bumblefoot disease. The critical parameters to be kept in mind while choosing a cage are:

· The flooring should not be made of wired mesh or wire grating
· Good airflow
· 1.5 square foot space for each rat
· The cage should be easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance.

DIY Cages
Making one’s pet rat cage is the best idea for people interested in DIY ideas. There are many online tutorials and E-books available on the internet that teach the basics of building a rat cage. The cage building books in stores also have the step by step procedure to make the cages. One can enhance his/her creativity by watching the YouTube videos too. A feature or two can be added to the existing ones to make the cages even more appealing and comfortable for the tiny creatures. This option is the cheapest also. Cages at home can be made using chicken wire, shelf racks, meshes for the upper part. The base has to be liquid resistant,and plastic containers are the best option. For a huge number of rats, old wooden furniture such as closets can be used.

Store Bought Cages
The pet stores and departmental stores offer a wide range of cages,and the prices will vary based on various factors such as the brand name, location of the store, area of the residence etc. the prices maybe high,but many stores offer discount options. Yard sales and clearance sales offer incredibly low prices for the cages. But one should never compromise on the quality and ventilation. Online E-commerce sites can also be checked for low price deals.

Pre-Owned Cages
Pre-owned cages are also a good option for rat lovers. The previous rat owners might be shifting somewhere,or their rats might have been dead, so many of them will be forced to sell the cages at meagre prices. Cages with cracks must be avoided as they cannot sustain leakage. Broken cages will cause physical injuries to the rats. Cages with rust should not be chosen and repairs if any must be done before housing the rats in the cage.