Factors like money, sex, ego, freedom, and lifestyle are the critical determinants for breaking a marriage. According to the, the role of a marriage counselor is found to be highly effective when the affected couples seek professional help. Readers can find Here some valuable inputs about the right time to approach a professional and licensed couples therapist. According to the experts, one should seek a couple-therapy as soon as the unhappiness sets for a more extended period between the concerned couples.

If proper intimacy is not maintained between the partners over a period of six months to one year, it is time to seek professional help. Of course, there is no thumb rule in determining these periods as serious troubles can even pop in few minutes or days. Since marriage is a mind game, anything can happen at any time irrespective of the size of the issues. Undoubtedly, the aspect of self-esteem and ego play a critical role in breaking the marriage. Things like communication gap, misunderstanding, wrong judgments are some of the other factors that fuel the fighting minds.

As per experts couples should seek therapy long before they imagine they ’need’ to. Couple-therapy has to be viewed as an integral part of maintaining a relationship. Anyone who wishes to enhance their relationship with the other partner can seek the professional help from the couple’s therapist. Though many couples are not aware of this fact as such a therapy teaches several tips to improve relationships to a higher level. It is a misconception prevails among many people that couple-therapy is restricted only to the couples who have issues on their relationships. When it comes to couple-therapy, it should not be viewed as a problem solver to end a crisis but also to be considered as an integral part of living a healthy and emotional life.

Couple-therapies have no rigid formula, but there are some commonalities seen during the treatment. Of course, the procedure varies according to the gravity of the issues encountered by the partners. Besides the common reason for infidelity parameters like sex, poor communication, money, and ego play a significant part in breaking the marriages.

More importantly, couple-therapy seems to be a right platform to talk many sensitive issues like sex, ego, and other emotional problems. People who are caught in a negative sex cycle should seek the guidance from a marriage counselor. These professional experts who are licensed to practice couple therapy can readily recognize the stumbling blocks that exist in the minds of the affected couples. When it comes to conflicts in a marriage, there are there sides namely, his side, her side and the truth. The role of a therapist is to make the couples to understand the aspect of truth and more importantly make them aware of the fact that both are wrong.

As per the couple therapists, fall outs are an integral part of life for any couple, and it is predominantly seen among every couple in specific magnitudes. However, when such fallouts go beyond the limits, they need to consult a therapist for a right solution. There is no doubt that couple therapy is found to be fruitful for the couples to live a happy and stress-free life.