Hair Loss- Causes and Remedies

hair loseA good percentage of men and women across the world suffer from embarrassing hair loss issues. It is a type of hair disorder that can cause serious confidence issues. But, with the advancement of technology, going bald is no more a nightmare as there are innumerable remedies available. Read on to find the solutions to eliminate thin hair and lead a normal life.

It is always better to know about the cause of hair loss before finding a solution for the hair loss. As illustrated in hairloss shampoo reviews – Sample Hime one will not get the best results without knowing the real cause of the hair issues. For More info and treatment, patients have a take proper medical advice before starting the remedies for various hair problems.

Ø Hereditary Reasons
Various causes can be attributed to hair loss in humans. Let us take a quick look at some of the most common causes in this write-up. Hereditary Pattern is considered to be the most common cause of hair loss and is seen prevalent among men than women. This is because all the men folks are genetically extra prone to hair loss issues. The presence of a greater amount of testosterone which later gets converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) has a direct impact on hair follicles, and it weakens hair growth.

Ø Diet
High fat and low fiber diet can play a crucial role in depleting the health of hair. Many of us tend to ignore this fact and have to face the consequences later in life. Consumables with low fat and high fiber are considered to be good for healthy and strong hair. Also, you can use Biotin which has a remarkable effect on the growth of hair follicles. The main biotin products include milk, fish, nuts, and fruits. Researchers reveal that the aspect of too much stress can also be the cause of hair loss. High-level stress can even cause hair loss in later stages of life though it may not be easily noticed in early stages.

It is interesting to note that hair loss treatment can be done by some natural methods. Some of the natural treatments are discussed below. These natural treatments include:
Ø Proper Nutrition: Nutrition is known to be the basis of good and sound health both physically as well as mentally. Hair treatments can damage the hair and also affect the general health of the hair. You could add more proteins to your diet also. Human hair contains more than ninety-seven percent of protein and a negligible amount of minerals. Hence, protein-rich foods can help a lot!
Ø Hair Loss Shampoo: To avoid hair loss, ensure that you only use good quality shampoo which contains natural ingredients instead of chemical ones. Make sure you check the pH factor of these shampoos. Choose a shampoo that works well for your type of hair. Some people have dry hair, some have oily, and some are lucky enough to get a normal texture. Hence, choose the one that suits your hair and skin type. Always ensure that you use the shampoo in moderation and not overuse it.

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