With the mercury rising steadily on the thermometer, it has started becoming dreadful during the summers these days. Just like you, you pet dogs can also feel the heat going up. Regardless of whether they are sleek or fluffy, they need to be kept active and given plenty of drinking water and access to shade during the scorching months of summer. Interestingly, some canines are believed to be better accommodating to hotter climates. If you are considering adopting a dog in the future, it would be a good idea to check their review online to see which breed will be better suited to the climate of the area u are living in. Many reviews are in detail and also offer you plenty of tips on how to look after your favorite canine.

Here are a few tips to keep your pet dogs cool through the hot months of summer:

· Keep a wet towel or an ice pack ready for your dog to lie down on. This way, they can cool down their body heat and avoid sunstroke.
· Experts suggest adding a few ice cubes to your pet dog’s water dish so that they have cool water to drink throughout the day. Do not forget to add ice cubes at different intervals.
· Set up a shallow wading pool , so that your pet dog can cool down during the day.
· When you go on walks with your pet dog, don’t forget to take along a collapsible water dish. This way, they won’t get thirsty during the long walks.
· Experts in the canine industry suggest replacing one portion of their normal diet with canned food.
· You can invest in a pair of booties to protect your dog’s feet from the hot pavement during summer.
· Try to reschedule your playtime and exercises with your dog to early morning or evening to avoid the heat during the day.
· Don’t forget to make some homemade frozen treats for your dog.

Dogs who have thin and short coats like Chihuahuas, beagles, Dalmatians and so on often do better in the heat. However, dogs with thick coats and short noses find the summer season more difficult to bar. Dog breeds which originate in the hotter climates, find it easier to face the heat during summer season. Interestingly, hg speed hounds which are used for racing and coursing also seem to thrive in the heat. They have long noses and big lungs which are best suited for beating the heat during summer season.

Dogs are also at risk to sunstroke if the right preventive measures are not taken during the hot months of summer. Some of the commonly seen signs of heatstroke in dogs are:

· Rapid panting and breathing
· Elevated temperature
· Thickened saliva as well as excessive salivations
· Depression or Fatigue
· Staggering
· Muscle tremors

In case you notice any of these signs in your pet dog, take them inside and contact your vet as soon as possible. You can wrap the dog in wet towels and also use a fan to cool them down quickly.